Thursday, August 20, 2009


Another test level completed in about 2.5 days which included re-texturing about half the texture used, re-creating all the level pieces, re-UVing those pieces, laying out the level, placing all the pieces, building the collision, lighting the level, merging the geometry and optimizing the geometry, breaking up the geometry, exportation/importation, and re-lighting in Unity. The tile pieces were scaled up and enlarged so a fewer number was visiable on screen to keep the vert count down below 4k in most cases, almost 1k of which is the character. Draw calls stay below 20 for almost the entirity of the level, some of which are also taken up by the character and weapon and HUD.


Danny Parks said...

Very nice! How many lights are in the Unity scene? Are the bullets going a little crazy after they hit a wall? The light from the muzzle flash looks great!

Kristopher Peterson said...

There are probably about 30 lights in the Unity scene but they are only affecting the character. Yeah, the Destroy command is being affected at collision for some reason and then they just go crazy.