Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who's Hot

You know it!

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Anonymous said...

What does this even mean:
There may be some lag on later levels for 2G-3G users, so please be aware of this before buying if you own a 2G-3G device. There is currently an option to disable the shell casings, which will help performance, and we will continue to optimize the game in future updates to make the game just as enjoyable and playable for those who still own these devices.

Not recommended for 1G devices!

So, let's see. Would '1G' mean the '2G/Edge' original iPhone? Or would that be '2G'? How about the '3G' - is that '3G' or '2G'? If it is '2G', then is the '3Gs' 3G, or would '3G' be reserved for the 'iPhone 4'? If the original iPhone (2G) is '2G' then what on earth is '1G'?

You can certainly make the argument that the original iPhone, which used 2G cell phone technology, was '1G' (i.e. 'first generation'), the iPhone 3G (which of course used 3G cell phone technology) was '2G' (second generation), the iPhone 3Gs (also using 3G cell phone technology) is '3G', and the iPhone 4 (which ALSO uses 3G cell phone technology) is '4G'. However, since that is a totally migraine-inducing mess of terminology, if that actually IS what you mean, I sincerely hope that you'll find some way to actually communicate it to people.