Friday, May 29, 2009

Map Sizes

I was taking a look at a few other tactical games and counting out squares to see how large the grids were.  Jean d' Arc had the smallest map sizes with the majority of them being 20x20 and larger maps 25x25 or even 30x30.  Xcom maps varied from 30x30 to 60x60 for the larger ship missions.  Larger still were Jagged Allince 2 maps with sizes around 75x125 or so and each level is based off a larger grid map with all the sizes being the same.  While smaller maps like Jean d' Arc would be lighter on asset usage and texture sizes, its a bit too small for a ranged combat game.  I think 50x50 would do well for a default map size so I did some renders of tiles at that size with some characters placed and mock up miniature buildings for scale.

Another test of tile scale puts the tile at 5' and the spacing seems pretty good for closely positioned units.  They don't look too bunched but they should also have enough room to move around a little bit in the animations and not clip through nearby units too much.  And, 10' happens to work perfectly with the tile tools.

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