Monday, June 22, 2009

LocomotionSystem1st and Footsteps

Seen here is my first run at setting up the locomotion system on my character so that he plays correct strafe animations and blends those between forward and backwards runs. The system does realtime IK feet to place correctly on slopes and obstacles but its pretty jittery and looks to be messing up the idle. I don't really care about feet being placed correctly on the ground, I just want the overall animation of the animations matching the character movement direction, so I'll have to rip all the extra stuff out of the system or more likely find some other way of doing it.

I've also got footstep sounds setup working off of foot collision with the ground using the scripts from the 2d tutorial, which is an great method for making sure the sound and animation are always sync'd and setting up different material types on different area's is easy.

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